June 25, 2018

Mistake Number 1

Not asking for or looking at what the ingredients are…
Have you ever looked at an “all natural”, “non-toxic” or “safe” kids product such as nail polish, hair chalk or play makeup only to read the ingredients and see acrylates copolymer, Propylene glycol, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, dioxins… That’s comforting, not!

Before you take their word for it, ask for the ingredients. So many product I see on the market, claiming to be “All natural”, “non-toxic” and/or safe” have the ingredients listed above. Why should you be concerned? Because these chemicals and toxins are ingested through your little ones skin and into their blood stream. That’s plastics, solvents, adhesives and chemicals that can cause irritation, hormonal disruptions and even links to cancer! I don’t know about you but my girls are the most precious thing in my life and I am not risking their health for anything!
Here’s a tip, if you can’t find their ingredients list on their website there may be a problem… Here is our ingredients list available on our website.

Mistake Number 2

Looking for the cheapest option rather than the quality and safest option
Think that $5 play makeup set looks like a great deal? Think again.
There is a reason that these products are so cheap… Consider the quality of the ingredients and the quality of life of the people who make those products, let alone the environment. If you are paying $5 – $10 for a set of Play Makeup or Face Paint, the chances are you are paying for toxic, synthetic ingredients and the side effect and impact on your precious ones health is the cost. I can’t put a price on that!
Our products are made from quality 100% natural ingredients. Truly safe and non-toxic!

Mistake Number 3

Not buying it!
Have you ever reached into your handbag for your favourite $40 organic lipstick to turn around to find your child looking like mine?

The picture above is my daughter Ivy, she is 2 and a half and she LOVES my organic and natural makeup. So much so, that 2 of my favourite Vapour Lipsticks have been ruined, plus my 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara… Ivy didn’t have her own little set, but now she does! Do you know where it lives? In my makeup cabinet so that while I am getting ready in the morning and she asks me for “blush” or “eyebrows” and “Lipstick”, I put a little pastel shimmery No Nasties Makeup blush on her and some lip balm and she runs to show Daddy that she is a “Pwincess”!
Don’t make the mistake of not buying it and then witnessing the demise of your must haves!

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