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Your favourite natural kids play makeup sets are now made right here in New Zealand.

No Nasties Kids NZ is owned and operated by us, The Beveridge family. 

When our son was born with life-threatening allergies we started looking at the products we used in a whole different way.  As a mum, I didn't want him to miss out on anything including face paints and even play makeup.  I searched across the globe for a natural product and was fortunate to find No Nasties Kids, this incredibly special brand right next door in Australia.  Designed for children while like my son with super sensitive skin, I made a purchase immediately.  When I saw my son could the magic of play without a terrible reaction I started telling all my friends about it. 

The incredible owner of the brand Nat offered me an opportunity I wasn't really looking for, to become the exclusive distributor for the brand in NZ. As someone who believes everything happens for a reason, our family jumped in.   We enjoyed sharing the brand with many other families and retailers for three years before taking a break for family reasons, aka the birth of our third child.

Life is full of all kinds of twists and turns and a new opportunity came our way, we are so proud to be the NZ licensee and owners of No Nasties Kids NZ.  It is the same incredible play makeup formulas you know and trust, and now we get to make them right here in NZ as well as bring you the rest of the No Nasties range.  We are so proud to give more children the ability to enjoy all the fun, without the nasties.

Stacey, Kelly + Family x

 No Nasties Kids | Natalia


No Nasties is an Australian owned company creating all natural kids play makeup, plant based hair care and products for home and body! We deliver beautiful, brown paper packages of fun with love from our family to yours.

Natalia, founder and CEO of No Nasties has 43 confirmed medium to high grade allergies and made the shift to all things natural 9 years ago when her health was suffering. “I began to look into what I was eating and drinking first and moved to a more raw and organic based diet, which gave me huge benefits for some of my allergies. I then began to investigate what I was using on my skin (as eczema and dermatitis is also a big issue for me) and researched what was in my cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries.
What I found was alarming… especially as skin is our largest organ and what we apply topically is absorbed into our blood stream.  Making the switch to all natural cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries was a no brainer!

I am the proud mum of two beautiful girls and my eldest was gifted a few packs of play makeup for her 5th birthday. I checked the ingredients list, and found umpteen chemicals and metals! I promptly threw them away and had to bribe my little princess with some of my mineral makeup.
I am proud to stand behind No Nasties, my third baby, which is handmade, all natural and was created for parents out there like me who are concerned with what we allow our kids to put on their skin.

Everything about No Nasties has been considered, we use recycled cardboard for our packaging and our packs all have a unique identity and story, just like each of our kids! I know that your littlies will have a ball with the No Nasties Play Makeup sets, SLiCK KiDS Hair Care and you can have the peace of mind knowing that they aren’t playing with chemicals!” Yours most sincerely,
Nat xx