Kids Party Bag Fillers - Lollies or Gifts?

June 16, 2022

Kids love a party don't they? All the games, junk food, pin the tail on the sister (yep, that's usually where it ends up!), the piñata swinging that gets WAY too close to daddy's bits, unwrapping gifts at the speed of light and me, in the corner, wishing they would clean their rooms just as fast! haha

Then when they are exhausted, usually crying because it is time to leave, over trots a little one with a huge smile and hands over a kids party bag...
 Kids party bag fillers are often also full of sugar and colouring, all the fun stuff right?  Nothing is swiped out of my little ones hand faster than a kids lolly bag after a sugar laden kids party! 

I'll take that Thank You, is my usual response...

Cue sugar high tantrum and they often end up in the bin! 
For the past few years I have made a conscious effort to provide Kids Party Gift Bags that don't contain lots of lollies, they have some, but not lots. So many times I throw my kids party bags in the bin, they don't eat a lot of lollies full stop and a whole bag full is a really bad idea for my little one.

Here are some kids party bag ideas that don't include lollies!

💄 All Natural, vegan and New Zealand made No Nasties Kids lip balm! Sweet and useful (especially in winter!) but without the sugar high. Wrap it in some tissue paper and voila, a gorgeous gift for kids party bags.
Kids Party Bag Fillers
✨ Something crafty like a few sheets of origami paper and some printed sheets with idea's for things to make. This one is super easy and it inspires some crafty play which is always a win win! Origami kids party bag fillers, you can't go wrong!
🦚 A colouring book with colouring pencils. Lots of fun, quiet fun, after a busy party! I loved colouring in when I was little, I would spend hours colouring and learning to shade and draw. 

 🎀 Hair clips and hair ties make the sweetest gifts, who can resist sparkly dinos, sweet shiny cherry, butterflies, hearts and more?

😍 No Nasties Kids Water Beads! Water Beads grow up to 150 times their size when left in water for 4-6 hours (or overnight) and are an amazing sensory play thing! They can be used for counting, sorting and many other imaginative play sessions!
No Nasties Kids Water Beads
😹 Hand written, kid friendly jokes! Get the Birthday child involved in writing and decorating some jokes for their friends. Laughter for the win in your kids party bags!
Kids Party Bags don't have to be full of sugar, and they can still be full of fun.